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About Spark

Spark Aligners offer the latest advancements in clear aligners and a better patient experience. Spark Approver 3D application and advanced clear aligner technology with TrueGen™ material are designed to meet the needs of orthodontists, providing more efficient and productive teeth movement, compared to the leading aligner brand* Spark is designed to give orthodontists more control and flexibility so that they can more easily achieve the healthy beautiful smiles.

The Spark™ Clear Aligner System is manufactured by Ormco™, a global leader in innovative orthodontics products that has helped orthodontists create more than 20 million smiles in more than 130 countries.* Ormco has 60 years of orthodontics expertise, R&D and high manufacturing standards.

Trusted by orthodontists worldwide, Spark is more clear, more comfortable and stains less, than the leading aligner brand.* Spark is loved by patients: 100 percent of Spark patients surveyed would recommend Spark clear aligners to a friend.*

*Data on file

Over 20 Million Smiles

Over 20 Million Smiles

Transformed and counting!

1000+ Patents Worldwide

1000+ Patents Worldwide

Including 340+ patents issued or pending in the US alone.

Global Manufacturing

Global Manufacturing

A true global leader across 140 countries and regions.

“I don’t have to be in a photo and have my mouth shut, and can actually show my teeth and be free.”*

Daniel, 31

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