Crossbite Treatment With Spark Aligners*

A crossbite is when your dental arches are misaligned and your teeth close on an angle.1 In a posterior crossbite, your back upper teeth sit inside the arch of your back lower teeth. In an anterior crossbite, one or more of your top front teeth sit behind the bottom front teeth — not to be confused with an underbite. A crossbite can affect a single tooth or groups of teeth.1

Spark Aligners for crossbite

Causes Of Crossbite

Crossbite issues may be caused by genetics, abnormal eruption of permanent teeth, delayed loss of baby teeth, or behavioral concerns like thumbsucking or tongue thrusting.1

Side Effects Of Crossbites

If you’re suffering from a crossbite, treatment is essential, as the condition can result in lopsided jaw growth, wearing down of the enamel in certain areas, and your jaw shifting completely to one side or the other.1

How To Fix A Crossbite

Crossbite treatment is usually a multi-step process that involves making the upper jaw wider with the help of an orthodontic appliance, like a palatal expander. Usually, this device is used simultaneously with braces or clear aligners to reposition teeth into the right areas. If your crossbite treatment is already in progress, you may want to ask your orthodontist if Spark Aligners are right for you.


Find A Spark Provider

If you need to fix a crossbite and you aren’t sure where to start, Spark Aligners has a massive network of providers to support you. Browse our Spark Providers by location to find a specialist near you. Once you start treatment, they’ll provide regular guidance and support to ensure your teeth are moving in the right direction — literally!