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The latest advancements in clear aligners

Clearer, more comfortable, stains less*

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The Science Behind Spark

Spark aligners are made with TruGEN™, the latest innovation in clear aligner material. Spark aligners are more clear, more comfortable, stain less and designed for more efficient and effective tooth movement, compared to the leading aligner brand.*

Better Contact: Leading Aligner Brand vs Spark Clear Aligners

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“I love the material and feel like the teeth track so much better. Patients are loving it, too. I've literally had nothing but positive reviews.”*

Dr. Bill Dischinger, Lake Oswego, Oregon

Spark Difference

100% of Spark patients would recommend Spark to a friend.*

Compared to the leading aligner brand*, Spark is:

  • More Clear
  • More Comfortable
  • Stains Less
Leading Aligner Brand
Spark Clear Aligners are More Clear
Leading Aligner Brand
Spark Clear Aligners are More Comfortable | Polished Edges
Leading Aligner Brand
Spark Clear Aligners Stain Less

To See Is To Believe

Your first step to straighter teeth?

See your future smile and treatment plan designed
by your doctor after your 3D scan.

The Proof Is In The Results

Whether in trials or clinical practice, Spark™ Clear Aligner System has created impressive finishes treating a variety of moderate Class I and II malocclusions.

Spark patient at beach
Spark patient at beach
Spark Clear Aligner Review: Really Good - Patient Abren P.

“My Spark experience was really good, I would definitely would recommend them over the leading brand!”**

Abren P.

Spark Clear Aligner Review: More Clear - Patient Anna

“Spark is way more clear than the leading aligner. They are also more comfortable and discreet.”**

Anna, 30

Spark Clear Aligner Review: Pain Free - Patient Laura

“Spark is a pain free solution. My treatment is only half complete but the changes are really noticable!”**

Laura, 21

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*Compared to the leading aligner competitor. Data on file.
†Dr. Bill Dischinger is a paid consultant for Ormco. The opinions that are quoted in this material are those of Dr. Bill Dischinger. Clinicians should use their judgement in treating their patients.
**These opinions are of patients treated. Results may vary from patient to patient.