Can I Eat  
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For many, the appeal of clear aligners lies in the ability for them to gradually straighten their teeth without requiring braces. However, there are some important distinctions between braces and clear aligners, in regards to eating or drinking during clear aligners treatment. Can I eat with my aligners in? Perhaps you are planning on reaching out to a nearby doctor to work on your smile and want to make sure that you’re prepared for every step of the process beforehand. If so, you may also be wondering, can you drink with aligners in? Let’s prepare you for the journey ahead!

Can I Eat With My Aligners In? What You Need to Know

One of the benefits to clear aligners is that, unlike braces, you don’t have to worry about them accidentally popping off the tooth when you encounter a food item that’s too hard, restrict certain foods from your diet, or worry about the extensive and involved tooth-cleaning process that comes after enjoying each meal of the day because the aligners, unlike traditional braces, are removable. However, much like drinking with invisible aligners, eating comes with its own rules.

When it comes to eating during clear aligner treatment, always make sure to remove your aligners beforehand. Aligners are not designed like braces or permanent retainers, and they are more susceptible to cracking or breaking if they are in your mouth while you are chewing your food. Even more so, eating with your aligners in and not cleaning your mouth immediately afterward can leave food particles trapped in your mouth.*

Now that you know that the answer is “No” to “Can I eat with my aligners in?”, you may be wondering: are there limits to what you can consume during clear aligner treatment while your aligners are removed from your mouth? Absolutely not! However, much like with drinking, you should always consider whether the foods you wish to enjoy could have a negative impact on your oral health. As long as you follow these rules, you should experience no issues when you’re going about your day with clear aligners in!

Can I Drink with My Aligners In? What You Need to Know

So, exactly what can you drink with clear aligners? The safest beverage you can consume (and the only one you can consume with your clear aligners on) is water. Water is something that you should be drinking daily, and it’s perfectly safe to consume while your clear aligners are on. However, if you should happen to want to drink warm or hot water, it’s important to make sure that your clear aligners have been removed beforehand. Drinking warm or hot water with clear aligners can cause warping to the aligners themselves, which can bring added costs to your aligner treatment.

But what about other beverages like coffee, sparkling water, or juice? Any beverage besides water need to be consumed after removing your clear aligners as these drinks have the potential to stain your teeth and/or cause damage to your clear aligners. That being said, all beverages are safe to enjoy with your aligners out. Before consuming any beverage, make sure that it’s right for your dental health. Drinks like sparkling water and soda can be detrimental to your enamel or cause staining that impacts all your hard work.

If you find yourself wondering if you can drink with aligners in, always take your aligners out beforehand (unless you’re only drinking cold water) and do your research to ensure that your drink of choice is not negatively impacting your oral health!

Tips for Eating and Drinking During Clear Aligner Treatment

  • Brush Your Teeth After Eating: Much like it is with braces, making sure that you clean out your mouth carefully after each snack or meal is essential in avoiding any oral health issues that may occur with your dental device in place. If possible, try to keep a dental kit with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss on hand so that you can quickly clean your teeth no matter where you may be during the day.
  • Avoid Snacking Extensively: Eating during clear aligner treatment means having to remove the aligners multiple times throughout the day. The problem? If you’re eating or snacking frequently, you may find yourself taking out your aligners and not wearing them for the recommended 22 hours per day.** Try to ensure that you’re wearing them for the recommended amount of time and limit the amount of time you spend eating so as to avoid potentially impeding your progress!
  • Stick to a Strict Routine: A strict routine in place is critical when you’re eating or drinking with invisible aligners. This means brushing your teeth each time you eat or drink something that could stain your teeth or leave food particles in them, avoiding the temptation to try to eat or drink something with the aligners in because you don’t want to take them out, and trying to stick to the same windows when it comes to eating to prevent any issues that could affect your progress.

Investing in your smile can be a great way to boost your confidence and get the healthy, straighter smile that you want. However, it is imperative that you follow the rules to preserve your oral health and the quality of your clear aligners.

If you’re asking, “Can I eat with my aligners in?” or wondering what you can drink with aligners in, all of the information provided in the guide above will give you the support you need to make the most out of your clear aligner experience.

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