Aligners for Excessive Overjet

Excess overjet occurs when your teeth don’t align properly, causing your upper front teeth to protrude outwards and sit far ahead of your bottom teeth.1

Spark Aligners for overbite

Causes of Excess Overjet

In many cases, excess overjet are a hereditary misalignment that results from a particular jaw shape or tooth size and spacing. Other causes of increased overjet may include:1

  • Teeth grinding
  • Excessive nail biting
  • Tongue thrusting
  • Thumbsucking
  • Pacifier overuse

A possible solution to the problem is to use aligners for overjet correction.

Side Effects of Excess Overjet

You might think an excess overjet is simply a cosmetic problem, but there are other negative effects that may be cause for concern. For some people, excess overjet may cause difficulty breathing, pain while chewing, jaw disorders like TMD, speech problems, gum disease, and tooth decay.1 To avoid or correct these side effects, you need to treat the source of the condition.

Treatment for Excess Overjet

The treatment for excess overjet in adults may be slightly different from the treatment of overjet in growing children. Treatment outcomes of braces or aligners may be improved by the use of additional dental procedures. If behaviours such as nail-biting or thumbsucking are the cause of the excess overjet, behavioural therapy could help prevent future occurrences.1


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