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Spark Clear Aligners have resulted in impressive outcomes in treatments for a variety of moderate Class I and II malocclusions. Treatable cases may include overbites, spacing issues, crossbites, crowding, and more!* Visit our Treatable Cases page to see if Spark Aligners are right for you.

See for yourself what’s possible by exploring the cases of real Spark patients below. Use the slider bar on each photo to see the dramatic difference before and after using clear aligners. Not only do Spark Aligners demonstrate impressive results, but they’re also more clear, more comfortable, and more stain-resistant than the leading brand*. For more inspiring patient experiences and to see why 100% of patients would recommend Spark to a friend*, read our testimonials.

Open Bite

Patient journey Open Bite profile

61 Weeks Of Treatment

Type of Malocclusion: Open Bite Case
Treated by: Dr Diego Peydro



Patient journey Crossbite profile

30 Weeks Of Treatment 

Type of Malocclusion: Crossbite Case
Treated by: Dr. Vas Srinivasan



Patient journey Spacing profile

39 Weeks Of Treatment

Type of Malocclusion: Spacing Case
Treated by: Dr. Vas Srinivasan



Patient journey Overbite profile

36 Weeks Of Treatment

Type of Malocclusion: Excessive Overjet
Case Treated by: Dr. Vas Srinivasan



Patient journey Crowding profile

28 Weeks Of Treatment

Type of Malocclusion: Crowding Case
Treated by: Dr. Michael J. Mayhew



Patient journey Underbite profile

32 Weeks Of Treatment

Type of Malocclusion: AP Correction Case
Treated by: Dr. Mike DePascale


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We want you to experience the difference before and after using clear aligners for yourself! If you’re ready to take the leap and try Spark Clear Aligners, it’s time to schedule a consultation with one of our providers. With our rapidly growing network of orthodontists, we’re confident you’ll find a Spark provider in your area who meets your needs. Trust in our monitoring progress, integrated software, and innovative technology to discover the Spark Difference.

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