Spark Aligners: The Clearest Choice For Invisible Aligners

Dr. Meredith Peterik Hinsdale


Smile with invisible aligners banner

My name is Meredith Peterik, and I am the Treatment Coordinator at Klepacki and Blair Orthodontics in Hinsdale, IL. I graduated from DePaul University, where I studied communications and advertising. Above all of my qualifications for my position as Treatment Coordinator, the most relevant is that I am a previous clear aligner patient. I understand the benefits of clear aligners on a very personal level, and I love guiding patients to choose the clear aligner route for their orthodontics. Klepacki and Blair Orthodontics is located in a wonderful community right outside of Chicago—our practice has the responsibility to provide our community with the most advanced solutions for orthodontics, which includes invisible aligners. We offer a wide range of solutions for orthodontics, but our patients have the most enjoyable orthodontic journey with Spark clear aligners. Spark aligners are made with advanced technology, which provides our patients and their families with a clear solution for a perfect smile.

Beginning the Search for the Clearest Aligners

When beginning their search for invisible aligners, our patients are looking to truly find the clearest option available. There is a considerable difference between most clear aligners—not all options offer truly invisible teeth straightening. Most of our patients are familiar with a friend or family member who has used invisible aligners—these patients are surprised to see Spark clear aligners in person, because they are unlike most clear aligners. A truly clear solution for orthodontics, Spark clear aligners provide the smoothest solution for invisible teeth straightening, while remaining crystal clear. It is exciting to show our patients that orthodontics can be as discreet as they would like, while not compromising on the outcome.

Our patients have an important decision when beginning their orthodontic journey—which treatment option will provide the best results, and which option will provide the best patient experience. An important element of the patient experience is a treatment that can provide comfort and confidence. Patients who choose invisible teeth straightening are often looking for the most clear aligners. Spark clear aligners are the option that our practice recommends if a patient is looking for the most invisible teeth aligners’ option. The Spark aligner material is comfortable, smooth around the gum lines, easy to clean, and easy to remove from teeth, which all help to create the best orthodontic experience.

Finding a Truly Invisible Aligner

A large number of our patients who we see are self-conscious of their smile. Some are hesitant to correct their smiles through orthodontics, because they aren’t aware that there is an absolutely clear option available to them. Our patients are excited to begin treatment once they see how clear Spark clear aligners are in person—we are able to introduce our new patients to patients who are currently in treatment, and it is truly remarkable how discreetly our patients are able to achieve their perfect smile.

We are a busy practice, located in a truly wonderful community in the suburbs of Chicago. Our patients and their families have incredibly high expectations when it comes to the cosmetic element of the patient experience—Our patients commonly ask us, “How do invisible aligners work?” and “How clear aligners straighten teeth?” Invisible teeth straightening sounds futuristic, and I always agree! Our office understands how clear aligners straighten teeth, because of the incredible Spark clear aligner technology. We are able to achieve incredible results with Spark clear aligners, because of the advanced technology—our doctors have access to the digital Spark design technology, which allows us to move teeth in a very predictable and effective way, which can potentially mean a faster treatment time for some cases. Our patients see an easier and more effective treatment with invisible aligners, which helps keep our patients motivated to achieve their best smile.

How to Clean Clear Aligners

With any orthodontic treatment, the oral hygiene is an important part of the process. Our office, like many others, keeps diligent notes on the overall oral hygiene of a patient during their orthodontic journey. If there are consistent notes that oral hygiene is a continuing struggle, it is something we consider when recommending orthodontics. Even though a family may be interested in starting, and a child might be excited and ready to go, we may recommend holding off on orthodontics until oral hygiene improves. Spark clear aligners allow for the best possible oral hygiene during orthodontics, because invisible aligners are removable, so each patient can brush and floss normally. Compared to most clear aligners, Spark clear aligners are stain resistant and incredibly easy to clean, which can help teeth stay their cleanest!

Clear Aligners Move Teeth Just as Effectively as Traditional Braces

I speak to hundreds of patients every year—our patients are always curious to know if invisible aligners are going to work for them. The answer is simple—invisible aligners are just one of the many tools that we have to move teeth, and in the right hands, invisible aligners can be the most incredible tool. Effectively moving teeth is what translates to a predictable orthodontic experience and a speedy treatment time. Spark clear aligners move teeth just as effectively as traditional braces, and no case is too difficult to be treated with invisible aligners. I also speak to patients who know friends and family who have used invisible aligners to move teeth, and have not found success. All aligners are not created equal, which is why it is important to research options for invisible teeth aligners, and to fully understand how clear aligners straighten teeth. The differences in invisible aligners are not always visible, but they are always clear!