Mark Tuan is finding his True Smile with Spark™ Aligners


Mark Tuan eating an apple on the kitchen counter
Mark Tuan eating popcorn on the couch
Mark Tuan using Spark Clear Aligners in the mirror
“I am thrilled to partner with Spark Clear Aligners for my teeth straightening journey. I love the improvement I am already seeing, and I am so excited to invite five of my fans to embrace their inner-confidence and join me.”
— Mark Tuan
Mark Tuan using Spark Clear Aligners

We Are Gifting Smiles!

Enter for a chance to be given free Spark™ Clear Aligner treatment. Five winners will join Mark Tuan on his teeth straightening journey.

We would love to hear your story on why you think treatment with Spark Clear Aligners would not only be life changing for you but would help you embrace your truest smile!

Gifting Smiles Contest

Spark Aligners would love to help make over your smile so you can be your true, authentic self.

  • Have insecurities about your smile held you back in your education, career, dating, or pursuing your life goals?
  • Do you use a heavy filter to fix your teeth for photos?
  • Do you use an avatar when you are gaming instead of using your live camera?
  • Do you smile with your mouth closed because you don’t want to show your teeth?
  • Were you ever made fun of because of your smile?
  • Were you not able to afford braces or clear aligners in the past and it is something you have always dreamt of doing?

Enter for a Chance to Win Spark™ Aligners Treatment
We want to hear your story! Tell us in under 350 words why you want to improve your smile to win free Spark Aligners treatment. You can be treated by a Spark Aligners Certified Orthodontist so that you can join in on the #MyTrueSmile journey with Mark Tuan. Terms and Conditions apply.