100% Of Patients Would Recommend Spark To A Friend.

100% Of Patients Would Recommend
Spark To A Friend.*

* Data on file.

Spark was so transparent that I was never worried about the look of the aligner or whether people were going to notice them during the day or in photos.”*

Anna, 30

Abren P.

“My Spark experience was really good, I would definitely would recommend them over the leading brand!”*

Abren P.

“It was nice to have my teeth straightened without the hassle of braces.”*

Christine E.

Calli L.

“Spark was easy to use, very discrete, and didn't hurt as much as I expected!”*

Calli L.


“Spark is way more clear than the leading aligner. They are also more comfortable and discreet.”*

Anna, 30


“I admit, I never wore my retainers so in my twenties my teeth started to move. Spark was a quick fix to get my smile back!”*

Ben, 35


“For years I was very self concious about showing my teeth when I smiled but now I totally love my new smile!”*

Ashleigh, 22


“My smile has completely changed along with my confidence!”*

Shanika, 34


“Spark is a pain free solution. My treatment is only half complete but the changes are really noticable!”*

Laura, 21


“One more thing to smile about on my wedding day!”*

Eva, 29

“For me, I feel the most confident when I smile at someone and they return the smile back. This quick act makes me feel positive and more energetic.”*

Diane, 33

Eva S.

“Spark is way more clear than the leading aligner. They are also more comfortable and discreet.”*

Eva S.

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