Find Treatment For Open Bite Concerns

An open bite most commonly occurs when your back teeth touch while biting down but your front teeth do not. The cause of the problem is that the teeth slant outwards, creating a gap between the top and bottom front teeth.1

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Causes Of Open Bites

You might have an open bite due to one of four common causes, including:1

  • Thumb or pacifier sucking
  • Skeletal problems
  • Tongue thrusting
  • TMJ / TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)

Orthodontic treatment of an open bite is the best way to resolve your concerns.

Side Effects Of Open Bite Cases

The negative side effects of an open bite aren’t typically health-related, as this condition doesn’t prevent proper brushing and cleaning. Most often, an open bite results in speech impediments, difficulty chewing, and low confidence in your smile. In some cases, you might experience extra tooth wear on the back teeth, as well.1

Solutions For Open Bites

There are a number of options for the treatment of open bites that depend on the cause of the issue. In cases of tongue thrusting or thumb sucking, fixing your open bite may require behavior modification practices in addition to an orthodontic treatment like Spark Aligners.


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