From a simple straightening case to a tougher fix: our clear aligners are also suitable for children and teens. Learn more.

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More Comfort For Kids and Teenagers

Spark Aligners aren’t just for adults — they’re for children and teens, too! If your child has a teeth misalignment and you are looking for a convenient but gentle method to straighten their teeth, we have the solution for you. Learn more about how Spark Aligners is the latest advancement in helping kids straighten their teeth today.

Your kids live a full life. From school and chores, to family activities and fun excursions, they’ve got a lot going on. Not only running to the orthodontist for checkups can be disruptive: dealing with the pain of braces can be discouraging. Therefore, if your child is ready to start an orthodontic treatment, choose for more comfort and efficiency*. Choose Spark Aligners.


The Spark Benefits


Kids' Benefits Include:

  • Easy care and maintenance
  • Clearer, more comfortable design*
  • Removable for eating, drinking, and cleaning
  • Treatment options for a wide variety of cases
  • No broken brackets or wires sticking out

Designed for a more efficient and effective treatment*

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Spark Aligners Are For Children

You don’t have to wait to ensure your child has access to better treatment options. Work with Spark Aligners to help your kid straighten their teeth today. Find a Spark Provider that has experience working with children when you visit our provider’s page. Here, you can filter available providers by distance to discover one that can meet your child’s needs.

*Data on file.