Spark Aligners — A Teeth Crowding Treatment*

Teeth crowding is a common orthodontic issue characterised by a lack of space for all of your teeth to fit comfortably and correctly within your mouth.1 Over time, your teeth may become rotated or displaced because there isn’t enough room. Teeth crowding treatments are beneficial in the prevention of any lasting damage to your teeth and gums.1

Spark Aligners for crowding

Causes of Crowding

There are several causes for teeth crowding, including:1

  • Improper tooth eruption
  • Late or early loss of primary teeth
  • Overly large teeth
  • Narrow dental arches
  • Extra teeth

With professional dental supervision, Spark Aligners may be able to help fix your crowded teeth.

Side Effects of Teeth Crowding

Besides the cosmetic downsides of teeth crowding, this type of orthodontic issue has other negative side effects. Rotated and displaced teeth can prevent proper cleaning of every tooth surface and result in dental decay.1 Teeth crowding may also increase the chance of gum disease, make it hard to chew properly, and even prevent you from closing your mouth completely.1

Orthodontic Solutions to Overcrowding

There are several options for treatment crowding, some of which are more invasive than others. Spark Aligners can be used to effectively straighten crowded teeth both when enough room already exists in the mouth, and when space needs to be created in combination with other dental treatments.


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