Fix an Underbite Using Spark*

An underbite occurs when the teeth in the lower jaw are shifted forward, so in this case your lower front teeth are the ones that are in front of the upper teeth.1 When you bite down, your bottom teeth overlap your top teeth. 

Spark Aligners for underbite

Causes of an Underbite

While most of the time an underbite is caused by genetics, there are other potential causes of this issue, including:1

  • Injury
  • Childhood habits
  • Asymmetric growth of the jaws

Generally, if the underbite is only due to the positioning of your teeth, the underbite can be fixed using just braces or aligners. 

Side Effects of an Underbite

There are many reasons you may want to fix an underbite. Underbites may result in jaw disorders such as TMD, jaw pain, difficulty chewing, chronic bad breath, mouth breathing, and even sleep apnea.1 If you want to regain your confidence and correct these health conditions, Spark Aligners may be the perfect solution for you.

Treatment Options for Underbites

Underbite treatment in adolescence has more favourable outcomes from just using only orthodontic appliances like braces or aligners. For fully developed adults, orthodontic treatments may effectively correct an underbite, but Spark Aligners can also be used in a treatment plan requiring more invasive procedures.


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