DEEP BITE or "The Hidden Teeth"

Deep Bite Correction With Clear Aligners*

If your upper front teeth excessively overlap the bottom front teeth when your mouth is closed, you may have a deep bite.1 This type of case is also known as a severe overbite.

Spark Aligners for deepbite

Causes Of A Deep Bite

Most deep bites are caused by a lower jaw that is far shorter than the upper jaw. Other causes of deep bites include missing back teeth due to decay or trauma. If you’re a "grinder" or a "clencher", you can make your deep bite worse.1

Side Effects Of Deep Bites

Since your teeth don’t come together correctly, crowded and worn bottom teeth are common among deep biters. You may also suffer from jaw disorders such as TMD, tooth loss, gum recession, periodontal disease, ulcers, and sores in your mouth.1

Treatment For Deep Bite Correction

If you’re looking for a noninvasive deep bite treatment, Spark Aligners may be right for you.* The first step towards deep bite correction is realigning all of your shifting teeth back into place. Once this step is complete, you must move on to replacing any missing back teeth that may be the root of the problem. To be sure your treatment for deep bites fixes the problem for good, you may be required to add crowns, implants, or bridgework in addition to your clear aligners.


Finding A Qualified Orthodontist

Using Spark Aligners as treatment requires guidance from an approved provider. Luckily, Spark Aligners has developed a massive network of providers that can help you get the deep bite correction you need. Browse orthodontists near you to get started!