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Spark to a friend.*

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At Spark Aligners, we want you to achieve the results of your dreams, and every part of the process is important to our team. From finding the right Spark Provider to getting guidance and care throughout your treatment program, you should always feel as if you’re in expert hands. Browse testimonials from other patients to see the Spark Aligners results you can expect. You’ll learn exactly why customers think Spark Aligners are the best clear aligners in the industry.

  • Patient testimonials Abren

    “I would recommend Spark over the leading brand!”**

    — Abren P.

  • Woman testing Spark Aligners

    “I noticed immediately how much more comfortable Spark was. It felt lighter, smoother and it looked more transparent.”**

    — Laura W., 21

  • Patient testimonials Shanika

    “My smile has completely changed along with my confidence!”**

    — Shanika, 34

  • Patient testimonials Ben

    “I admit, I never wore my retainers so in my twenties my teeth started to move. Spark was a quick fix to get my smile back!”**

    — Ben, 35

  • Patient testimonials Ashleigh

    “For years I was very self-conscious about showing my teeth when I smiled but now I totally love my new smile!” **

    — Ashleigh, 22

  • Patient testimonials Calli

    “Spark was easy to use, very discreet, and didn't hurt as much as I expected!”**

    — Calli L.

“It was nice to have my teeth straightened
without the hassle of braces.” *

— Christine E.

  • Patient testimonials Eva

    “One more thing to smile about on my wedding day!”**

    — Eva, 29

  • Spark aligners woman at a stand

    “Spark is way more clear than the leading aligner. They are also more comfortable and discreet.”**

    — Anna, 30

  • 96 percent prefer Spark Clear Aligners

    Based on clarity and comfort, 96% of patients prefer Spark Clear Aligners to the leading aligner brand.1

It’s All In The Details

Most of the comments we get from Spark patients are about the comfort and clarity of Spark Aligners and the increase in confidence they feel from having straighter, more even teeth! Our goal with every treatment plan is to deliver clear aligners results that help our patients feel more confident in their smiles. To ensure we can meet your expectations, please review our treatable cases to see if you could be a good fit for Spark Clear Aligners.

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    spark aligners 100% of patients would recommend Spark™ Aligners to a friend.

    Thanks to @admiranda76 for sharing your experience!

  • spark testimonial

    spark aligners The proof is in the patients!

    Schedule a consultation with a Spark™ doctor near you and see for yourself why Spark is both an orthodontist and patient favorite.

  • Spark Aligners product case

    spark aligners Why choose Spark™ Aligners over the leading brand?

    Spark is more clear, comfortable, stains less, designed for faster treatment, helps improve oral health and BPA free.

    Thanks so much to @bcrook95 for sharing!

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*Data on file.
**These are opinions of patients treated. Results may vary.
1Compared to the leading aligner competitor. Data on file. Based on a survey of 51 patients.