Fix An Underbite Using Spark Aligners*

An underbite is the opposite of an overbite, so instead of your upper teeth protruding, your lower teeth are the ones that extend forward.1 When you bite down, your bottom teeth overlap your top teeth.

Spark Aligners for underbite

Causes Of An Underbite

While most of the time an underbite is caused by genetics, there are other potential causes of this issue, including:1

  • Injury
  • Childhood habits
  • Tumor

Generally, orthodontists can fix an underbite without resorting to more invasive measures like surgery.

Side Effects Of An Underbite

There are many reasons you may want to fix an underbite. Underbites may result in jaw disorders such as TMD, jaw pain, difficulty chewing, chronic bad breath, mouth breathing, and even sleep apnea.1 If you want to regain your confidence and correct these health conditions, Spark Aligners may be the perfect solution for you.

Treatment Options For Underbites

While not every case is the same, underbite correction without surgery is possible. While non-invasive treatments like braces, face masks, elastics, and clear aligners work best to fix an underbite in childhood, they can still be effective for adults.1 In some severe cases of underbites, the only solution is surgery.


Find Out What Your Options Are!

Are you ready for underbite correction without surgery? Spark Aligners are an amazing solution for many people, but only an orthodontist can confirm that clear aligners are appropriate for your case. Explore our network of providers to find one that fits your needs.