Spark Aligners wants you to know what to expect from your aligners treatment. Explore this overview to learn more about how our aligners enhance your life!

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What To Expect From Your Aligners Treatment

At Spark Aligners, our goal is to provide treatments that seamlessly blend into your life — not interrupt it! With a clearer, more comfortable* system that gently moves your teeth into position, you get to see comprehensive progress and results from wearing our aligners.

How To Wear Your Aligners For Best Results

Throughout your aligners treatment, your Spark Provider will be there for guidance and support. While you should always follow your provider’s professional advice, we also have a few tips to ensure you get the best results from wearing your aligners.

  • Remove your aligners before eating or drinking
  • Brush your teeth after meals, before putting your aligners back in
  • Wear your aligners for 20-22 hours per day

From movie nights at home to drinks out with friends, this aligner treatment won’t disrupt your life!

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Live Life To The Fullest

At Spark Aligners, we want you to live your life without worrying about how a clear aligner treatment might get in the way — because we promise you, it doesn’t! A treatment plan with us means you can keep doing everything that makes you happy, including:

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  • Playing sports and participating in your favorite activities
  • Enjoying all the best food and drinks
  • Brush and floss like you normally would, with no wires or brackets to get in the way

Spark Aligners are nearly invisible and more clear than the leading brand.* Your friends and family won’t even notice you’re wearing them!

When Do You Need New Aligners?

How often do you need new aligners? Our providers prescribe them on a case-by-case basis, depending on your treatment plan. Typically, you can expect to get a new set every two weeks, but regular check-ins with your doctor will ensure you’re on the right track. You may experience slight pressure and discomfort with each new aligner transition. This experience is completely normal, but check in with your provider at any time for additional reassurance.

  • Patient testimonials Calli

    “Spark was easy to use, very discreet, and didn't hurt as much as I expected!”**

    — Calli L.

  • 96 percent prefer Spark Clear Aligners

    Based on clarity and comfort, 96% of patients prefer Spark Clear Aligners to the leading aligner brand.1

  • Woman testing Spark Aligners

    “I noticed immediately how much more comfortable Spark was. It felt lighter, smoother and it looked more transparent.”**

    — Laura W., 21

Are You Ready To Transform Your Smile — And Your Life?

Explore Spark Providers near you to find the perfect fit. We have hundreds of providers located nationwide to ensure you have access to quality care, immediate guidance, and professional support throughout your aligners treatment!

*Compared to the leading aligner competitor. Data on file.
1Data on file. Based on 51 patients.
**These opinions are of patients treated. Results may vary from patient to patient.